Upcoming Events @ Nature Gallery and in Downtown Los Altos

August 20th 5-8pm “Art in Rare Form: Making a Design Statement with Nature” – American Society of Interior Designers Reception 5-8pm.  RSVP by Monday, August 18th 6pm

August 22nd 6-8pm “Structure & Formation from the Depths to the Surface” – A double whammy SVNexus: Art/Science/Technology Meetup at Nature Gallery and Helix by Exploratorium.  This is an adult only event, with two amazing speakers, refreshments in two locations for $10.  For more information, and to RSVP click here.  If you are not comfortable paying with PayPal call Nature Gallery 650/327-8700.  Space is limited, tickets may not be available on the day of the event.

August 9-30 – Nature Gallery August “Kids Quiz” For kids 5-12 years old.  Enjoy a scavenger hunt around Nature Gallery and enter to win prizes from downtown Los Altos merchants.

September 5  Downtown Los Altos First Friday “Dancing In the Streets”, dance expo and lessons,  October 3 “Indian Summer”, an Exploration of Native American culture,  November 7th Youth art exhibit, “Los Altos Through the Eyes of Kids, Tweens & Teens”, December 5 “All Aboard for the Holidays” Santa arrives on the train and lights the Christmas Tree @ Community Plaza.

September 21 – “Corvette Spectacular” brought to you by the Santa Clara Corvettes Club. Main Street in Los Altos will be lined in stunning Corvettes!  Stop by Nature Gallery and enjoy a complimentary refreshment and a gift with your purchase if you mention “Corvette Spectacular. For more information about the show click here.

PERIDOT is August’s Birthstone….but it doesn’t need to be your birthstone to enjoy the bright zing it will give you when you wear it. Stop by Nature Gallery to see the Peridot collection…starting at $25 for a delightful long chip necklace!


Farmers Market Specials this week:  Semi-precious chip bracelets $15 each or buy 2 and get 1 free!  Stones include: lapis, tourmaline, labradorite, quartz, hematite, Aquamarine and more!  Since we know you and everyone you know needs help being calm….buy 2 large Calming Stones and get a small one for FREE!  Los Altos Farmers Market is every Thursday from 4pm-8pm on State Street between 2nd & 4th Streets.


A favorite Nature Gallery supplier Mike, sadly passed away recently and left a warehouse filled with amazing geodes.  After a three day adventure road trip to the Oregon Coast Carol returned in a 16 foot truck packed with amazing collection of large decorator specimens.   Among the beauties are this Amethyst with Calcite specimen (above) and the Amethyst Stalactite table below (shown in close up).  A few of these pieces have already found new homes….so stop by soon and find a treasure for your home.

Mike Segal was an amazing man with a great passion for exquisite minerals and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him.



Could you picture this 32 Million year old Dinictis species Saber Tooth Cat (Wyoming) in your home or office?

Mark your calendar for the next Silicon Valley Nexus Meetup on Friday August 22nd “Structure & Formation.”  This meet up will be a double whammy…with two fabulous presentations at two State Street locations.  You can start at either Helix or Nature Gallery!   This meet up is presented in association with Helix by Exploratorium.   Space is limited for this Meetup!  For more information and to  RSVP  click here or stop by Nature Gallery.

Petrified Wood Table with Copper bowl & Spheres

Petrified Wood Table by Cathi Borthwick shown with Copper bowl & Spheres



New Arrivals: Zuni and Navajo Fetishes


800,000 year old Fossil Alligator Snapping Turtle from Florida

You won’t want to miss seeing the 32 Million Year old Saber Tooth Cat, Alligator Snapping Turtle and a six foot by nine foot, 55 million year old Palm Fossil from the Green River Formation in Wyoming.   Pictured below are Paleontologist Stefan Perner(left) before his presentation at the Silicon Valley Nexus Meetup earlier this year.  Also pictured are SVNexusorganizers, Carol Garsten and Arthur Bebak.


Semi Precious Gemstone pens, shown below in Lapis Lazuli, Picture Jasper and Red Jasper.


Aquamarine, Amazonite, Turquoise…southing colors for Spring & Summer!

Stop by to check out our exquisite jewelry collection

Klodin Bud Vase1

Stone and Petrified wood vases by Jennifer Cull and Victor Klodin are perfect for Weddings or Anniversaries or a “just because” gift 


Nature Gallery would like to honor a revered adventurer whom we have the distinct pleasure of featuring his works of art. Don Wobber passed away January 21st 2014 in Pacific Grove, Ca. Don was the most influential diver and artist that started the Big Sur Jade movement in California. His feats include a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records, for largest jade boulder recovered. He has been mentioned in National Geographic as, “among the best of the world’s contemporary jade sculptors”. Don’s life was always involved with the sea, and Jade gave him the creative outlet to express that bond. Don Wobber will be missed, but his works of art are still featured in museums, art galleries, and private collections. Feel free to stop by Nature Gallery and remember Don by hugging the largest sculpture of his we are featuring, Machapucare.



Don Wobber’s 350lb Big Sur Jade sculpture “Macchupucare” is a stunning carved piece of Nephrite Jade.  Don’s work ranges in size from handheld to huge garden boulders!


Ancient relatives of the sand crab, the new collection of Trilobites range from 370-550 million years old!

Ancient relatives of the sand crab, the new collection of Trilobites range from 370-550 million years old!  We have trilobites from $4-$875 for collectors of all ages.


Come by and enjoy the tactile pleasure of touching the stunning collection of Big Sur Jade at Nature Gallery.

Featured Big Sur Jade Artists are Don Wobber, Jason “Cavey” Salter and Luke Curtis 

Jason “Cavey” Salter has been connected with the sea his entire life. As a surfer he gained a deep love of being in and near the ocean and appreciating everything about it. 15 years ago he started collecting pieces of Jade from the Big Sur coast of California. 12 years ago Cavey learned to dive and he’s been diving for large pieces of Big Sur jade ever since. Jason’s art work began in the mediums of beads and wood art, as he became familiar with jade his art evolved into jade sculptures. The first piece of jade Cavey ever sold was found in the water then sold on the beach. The rest, as they say, is history. Jason Salter 3 “The ocean is healing for me, no matter what I’m doing, as long as I am near the water.” Jason’s love of the ocean, and all things from it, has truly turned into a labor of love. “Jade is my way of bringing something naturally beautiful to people. It makes me feel good sharing the positive energy with people. ” Jason finds most of his best pieces of jade after a big storm. The heaving tides stir up the debris on the ocean floor making them easier to find while diving. His favorite area to dive is in Jade Cove California, where he always begins his dive by swimming up to a familiar large jade boulder and hugging it before starting his search. Other than the gear Jason uses for diving, he uses a 3′ pry bar and a length of rope along with his own manpower to wrestle large pieces of jade from the surf. Once he has the pieces on land he uses a handheld grinder or a wheel grinder to finely polish and carve the fine stones he finds into gorgeous sculptures. His very first grinder, was traded for jade. His life is fully immersed in the shared love of ocean and jade. Jason would also like to commemorate his best jade hunting companion, Tugboat. She was the best dog for a jade harvester during long beach combing days. She will be forever missed and be a cherished friend to Jason.

We have a lot of new arrivals for the fossil lovers. Fossil marble boxes, dishes, and a new table have been added to the Nature Gallery collection recently. Our New Arrivals Page should be up soon with pics of the new Dinosaur Teeth.

Nature Gallery is your source of exquisite minerals, fossils and one of a kind pieces of jewelry from around the world.  Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself, someone else or are just stopping by to enjoy the natural works of art, you will be delighted with the collection that Nature Gallery owner, Carol Garsten,  has carefully selected.  Many customers say that Nature Gallery is like a museum, except you can buy things.  Items in the gallery range from 50 cents to thousands of dollars.  The pictures on this website are wonderful, but cannot compare to the experience of seeing them with your own eyes and hearing about the stories that our knowledgeable staff is eager to share with you.

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